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Turn your family into emotional heroes....⚡

Learn how to empower yourself & your family using "The CATCH" technique.

🤩 In just 60 minutes, you will learn how to "CATCH" useful feelings like... Confidence & Calm, and use them in a whole new way, so that you can empower your family to sail through coming challenges and stressful situations. 

💪 Engaging and simple to learn, this fun and easy to use, hypnotic chat technique is ideal for everyone age 6 up and when used regularly, will help to give your family unshakeable resilience.  

🥰 Each workshop also includes a 10 minute beautiful hypnosis experience to indulge yourself. Relax, switch off and enjoy some personal transformations & "Me time".
Because you do deserve this too...

These emotional hero workshops will help you and your family to....

Master a whole range of exciting and new rapid change techniques.

 Learn how to encourage and develop your family´s emotional intelligence, to overcome and help a whole range of challenges and difficulties.

 Meet and connect with like minded families, engage and interact, in our group, as we share thoughts, ideas and strategies with others through our forum.

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Especially for amazing families, this group allows you to become part of our collective movement, making a difference to our world.  Together we really matter ⚡

End those family squabbles & conflicts

You and your children learn how to pause before reacting and to more easily take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings & behaviours

Build up greater grit & resilience

Empower yourself and your family with a better mindset and ability to brush off life´s challenges and equip them with life changing inner strength

Cure anxious thoughts & feelings

Learn to be empowered and capable of better thought disputation around anxiety, see new perspectives

Improve your family´s life coping skills

Discuss, develop and learn new emotional and practical life strategies to deal with life scenarios

Strengthen love, trust & family bonds

Through the safe sharing of stories and open communication, this game will help your child to share feelings, experiences and thoughts that you may otherwise not have been part of discovering.

Your family will develop love and connection through these shared moments and benefit from the intense attention and interest that is encouraged throughout the game,. 

Level up your family´s communication

Teaches the language of feelings and emotions, how they connect to our body and behaviours and how to express them and recognise them more easily.
Also improves your child´s ability to confide in you and to express events and how they have impacted their life in a hugely productive way.  

These techniques are all taken from Clinical & Conversational Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, ACT & Mindfulness, Child Psychology & Positive Psychology. 

Adapted especially for families, and designed to help your family overcome anxiety and other issues, these pro-active tools will help you feel equipped and empowered to help your family when they need it the most ❤

What you get....

Meet your personal mind trainer

Pippa Jolley

Hello there :) I am Pippa, your personal mind trainer.

My goal is to help families to enjoy and experience positive transformations, and to empower women to start living the life they really want.  

I am a qualified and certified practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, NLP, Eriksonian Hypnosis and Life Coaching. 

I have unique ways to integrate these therapy modalities, with simple, easy and practical day to day strategies, fun games and techniques that I am now very excited to share here with you . 

One of my own children struggled with anxiety and OCD, and I have personally and successfully applied these skills inside of my own home with my own family (as well as with my personal clients), to achieve some incredible and totally life changing results. 

Each workshop here  is designed to show you how to implement these for yourself in your home, with your own families, so that you can mentally prepare your own family to enjoy a happy life in our world. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

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