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🧠Magical Memory Rescue ✨

Want to improve your memory and keep your brain young and healthy?

These easy audios are a beautiful way to enjoy priming your memory banks, to re-connect the neural circuits that are responsible for both your long and short term memory.

Give your brain a "memory workout" by engaging and activating specific areas of your brain, stimulate your senses and improve your memory powers and abilities. 
Memory circuits
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How "good" or "bad" is your  memory? 

Do you long for a better memory?

Perhaps you are yearning to more naturally absorb and recall your daily learnings?

Or maybe you want to vividly remember more of your conversations?

Or to easily recognise people's faces and be able to recall their names, actions and your own past  life experiences with ease? 

Or you might just want to remember your every day shopping list or to do list....without having to write everything down?

Because if you are struggling with some of these right now...

 It's ok don't worry. You are in the right place. 

And, it can be very normal to "not remember" so many things, like this, because as humans, we ALL tend to forget around 80% - 90% of everything that we learn, experience or are exposed to each and every month.

Because our brain is very efficient, and prefers to use our energy elsewhere. 

UNLESS... we are actively using the information we learn in a practical way, taking photos or writing it down for our own future reference.

BUT...This little program here, is able to come to your rescue 

Designed to help you by naturally firing up the neurochemistry of your memory circuits in the brain, activating your senses and igniting your creativity and imagination.

It works, because neurons that fire together, wire together, and what you do each day has the power to physically change your brain, so this little and easy process can really help to strengthen your average daily abilities in all of these areas. 

Do You Remember? 

Magical Memory

Magical Memory

Magical Memory

Magical Memory

Magical Memory

Magical Memory

Magical Memory

Are you ready to enjoy an exciting daily journey down your very own memory lane?

This wonderful technique is based upon the esteemed works of Jean Houston ph.D and Robert Masters.

These two very brilliant philosophers, psychologists, and scientists spent decades (in fact a whole lifetime) exploring, testing, and researching the human brain and the remarkable minds of people who were capable of the most extraordinary things in the world.

Recruited and hired by the US government, Houston and Masters were the pioneers of the “human potential movement” and whilst studying the minds, behaviours, and thinking habits of these most extraordinary people, they realised that there are certain ways that we can ALL gain access to more of our own inner brilliance.

Tapping in to the vast and unlimited power of our mind, it can become possible to exceed our own capabilities and to achieve the most remarkable things in life. 

Houston and Masters discovered that people with the very best abilities to use their short-term memory and daily recall are the people who regularly practice and enjoy recalling their past and childhood. So...

This daily exercise activates parts of the brain that you may have unknowingly left neglected for years.

Returning the lost creativity and forgotten sensory treasures of your memory, in a beautifully, delightful way, whilst assisting you to improve your own daily short term memory, this process has also been known to increase your sensory awareness, creativity and your perception of your environment too.

So as you enjoy a beautiful journey through time and space, you are keeping your brain healthy and helping your mind to be primed to run at optimal levels.

What's included in this memory program?

Enjoy listening for just 15 minutes a day to help improve your memory... 

  • Introduction welcome video from me :) 
  • Magical memory training : 9 x 15 Minute Audios (PLUS 2 shorter bonus recordings)
  • Written Instructions for the magical memory audios (Short pdf)
  • EXTRA BONUS  : The Birthday Memory Box Audio
  • EXTRA BONUS : The joys of Christmas Past Audio
  • BONUS : Video trainings "Two Memory Magic Exercises" The secret training exercise to remember lists more easily, Using memory to help yourself feel great about yourself - (using positive psychology principles) & with pdfs. 
    (Taken from the esteemed works of Daniel G. Amen, MD) 
  • 10 different memory games, techniques & fun exercises to enjoy practicing at home alone or with your own friends and family. Pdf instructions.
  • Cheat Sheet : Boost Your Brain Health 
    10 easy ways to boost your brain health & memory 
  • Cheat Sheet : Lower Stress 25 research proven tips to lower stress to boost happiness and great mental health. 
  • Special Brain Health & Healing Meditation: De-stress & connect to your own inner powerful entelechy, a self love, gratitude and healing meditation. (A calming, healing and spiritual meditation to bathe your body and brain with healing energy) 
  • 3 Easy Mindfulness Hacks & Habits. Video & pdf to explain how to naturally attach these into your life. Start being more mindful on autopilot!!  

10 Magical Audio Exercises Based on "Human Development" & "The Mind Research" of Jean Houston ph.D

Based upon the pioneering work of Jean Houston ph.D, internationally renown for her studies in human development and the director of the "Foundation for Mind Research" in New York.  Designed to access your long term memories, imagination and senses to stimulate your own natural ability to access and improve all memory capacity in your brain. 

Memory training games & fun 

10 different memory ideas, methods and fun games to help your brain to get working and to practice engaging and using your short and long term memory in a practical daily capacity. 

Spiritual Meditation  

Science now reveals that both meditation and prayer increase blood flow to strengthen your pre-frontal cortex in a way that allows you to increase focus, judgement, executive functioning and impulse control as well as helping your body to naturally create its own natural stress relieving chemicals. 

So Many Benefits! 

Awaken and stimulate your brain, improve your every day sensory awareness and perception and activate and engage your memory circuits. Stimulating your long term memory helps to activate general day to day memory functioning and brain health. 

Active memory practice & easy secrets to help you maintain a healthy mind 

Learn 2 easy and fun ways to remember lists and small things from day to day. Amaze your friends with your new memory skills. 

3 Easy Mindfulness (Nowsense) Activities To Easily Build Into Your Daily Routine

Mindfulness builds grey matter and improves your memory, concentration and ability to choose where to focus. 

This activity also increases your ability to regulate your emotions and "pause" before reacting to life. Similar to mental push ups, engaging in this type of sensory focused activity rebuilds trust between body and mind as it strengthens the natural feedback loop of the brain and central nervous system through your senses. 
Meet the instructor

Philippa Jolley

Hello there :) I am Pippa, your mindful empowerment guide.

My goal is to help families to enjoy and experience positive, powerful transformations at home, and to empower you to start living the life you really want.

I am a qualified and certified practitioner of Clinical & Conversational Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, NLP, Eriksonian Hypnosis and Hypnotic Life Coaching.

I have developed unique ways to integrate these therapy modalities, using easy and practical day to day strategies, fun games, audios and simple techniques, and I am now very excited to share these here with you .

Each piece of content here is designed to show you how to implement these for yourself in your own home, with your own families, so that you can mentally prepare your own family to enjoy a happy, balanced and successful life in our world.

You can find more details about my one to one sessions and other help that I offer at 

❤ Enjoy the experience of having affordable support 

With self help tools and techniques designed for you and your family....

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