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"Because Your Life Is To Be Enjoyed... NOT Endured"
The mind gym is a wonderful group meeting, a safe, nurturing space exclusively for ladies, to show you the secret shortcuts to an easier life. Get excited to do more, as you explore and create a more helpful level of self awareness across all parts of your life. 

Be connected with others, to experience gentle understanding & support.
You are not alone ❤ 
Learn how to handle your big emotions and feelings, as you explore and master the relationship between your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour.
Train your mind to be able to better understand yourself and to bring you more success in all areas of your life :) 

The mind training workshops are nurturing, group coaching & hypnosis sessions held each week, and each one tackles helpful skills and techniques and experiences that you will be able to practice and take away, to start using and immediately integrate into your own life.
who is the mind gym suitable for?    is it really for me?

EVERYONE benefits from mind training
But this is definitely for you if :

You want to be more in control of all of your feelings

Maybe you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed with unhelpful emotions and feelings? 

You want to feel more capable, relaxed and carefree

Perhaps you are a worrier or often struggle with anxious thoughts and feelings? 

You want life to feel easier

You might be finding it consistently hard to achieve and hang onto the things that you want in life? 

You want to be more in control of your actions and reactions

Do you sometimes find yourself reacting in a way that you later live to regret?

You want a better quality of sleep & to enjoy all the energy &  benefits of this in your day

Maybe you have been struggling with insomnia, poor sleep quality or regular overthinking habits?

You want to have more confidence and really believe in your own self worth

Perhaps you just find yourself feeling inadequate or believing that you just aren't "good enough" in some way?

You want to stop turning to food, alcohol or drugs as a quick fix, and learn how to manage your cravings

Maybe you are recovering from an addiction that was driven by anxious thoughts or insecure feelings or you are looking for extra support and help?

You want to say NO without feeling guilty & to feel braver

You could possibly believe that you lack assertiveness, have boundary issues or seem to be unable to stop people pleasing?

You want to feel more excited about projects, have more drive & determination, let your ideas live AND get more stuff done

Perhaps you feel you procrastinate too much and lack enough motivation and drive to get things done as easily as you might like?

You want to build a better relationship with your partner, family or friends 

Maybe you have problems in your relationships with others and you want to improve the way that you feel about them or are communicating with them?

You want to become slimmer or fitter and feel more motivated to exercise

You might be battling weight issues from emotional over eating or struggling with a more general lack of motivation to exercise?

You want to connect with lovely like minded people

You might feel that you need some new friends, some connections with people who are more supportive and who also share a wish to enjoy a journey of self love, growth and success together with you?

Mind Gym May Also Be Ideal For You If...

You are already enjoying some life coaching,  or maybe you are enrolled in some other sort of self improvement program, attending therapy sessions or reading lots of self help books?

If so, then mind training sessions provide a valuable live support network for your journey of self development and will enhance your further life skills, to help you to progress at a much faster rate.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon :)) 

Enjoy A Full 12 Months Of Mind Gym Membership

Transform Your Body, Mind & Life In Any Way You Want!

 Take advantage of this very special offer & price (only available until December 30th)
Sign up for a full 12 months of membership now to e
njoy 24 Workshops in total, with KISS (Keeping it simple steps) & home challenges, PLUS Free access to my Feelings 911 VIP members only podcast PLUS access to a private, live monthly Q & A zoom call with me.

 Choose to be highly dedicated to your own self growth and development, by aiming to attend every single workshop, but don´t worry if can´t!

If you do prefer a more relaxed approach, and happen to miss out on one or two, you will still receive a recording of each session (available for you to watch for up to 7 days after the workshop ends). 

Remember though, that the real value of the mind gym, is in the practice and the fun of joining in the exercises live, together. We always grow the most from our DOING, not from our being! 

 A single private session with me usually has a minimum cost of 150 euros, so by signing up here, you will be enjoying a fun, shared mind training experience at just a fraction of the cost...

A huge saving of 90% per live session. 

Next online workshops launching on 
January 20th 2022 
@ 7pm CET 

Workshops run every 2 weeks & break up for Summer & Christmas holidays. Sign up now to enjoy this early bird, special price !  

What's included?

 24 x Fully Interactive Online Workshops- 90 Mins Each :)
Join in Live With Me, Every Other Thursday at - 19.00 p.m. CET. Or Enjoy the Replays for up to 14 days after each workshop. 
(Other days and times may also be available on demand)
  Optional Home mini-challenges to practice applying and using your new skills straight away. 
Immediately start to integrate lots of helpful techniques directly into your real life ! Enjoy real life changes, Receive PDF´s, Gifts & Printables.
  Extra Live group calls for private Q & A sessions - held on the last Saturday of each month 
 A full 12 months membership is included. Attend live to practice the games & skills, or watch the replay and you will be able to:-
  Master Feelings Surfing® 
  More easily interrupt, understand & deal with your unhelpful feelings, moods & urges
 Organize and manage your thoughts to create better mindsets on demand. 
  Build more intentionally helpful states of mind for success and achievement.
 Learn how to shift your perception and awareness of time to make time work more for you
 Enjoy playing fun psychological mind games 
 Become more naturally mindful & self aware
 Implement more effective personal strategies to enjoy an easier life 
 Overcome the thoughts & challenges that have been keeping you stuck in life
 Increase your memory, focus and attention abilities
 Change your brain´s physical structure to help you succeed more easily
 Increase your peak performance, creativity and natural flow state
 Improve your relationships & communication with others
 Experience rapid changes  through hypnotic gifts, journeys & more...

Feelings Surfing ®

Experience this wonderful process that helps you to listen more to your body and harmonise your thoughts, feelings and actions.
Filling in the knowledge we are rarely taught as children, this technique allows you to learn to surf urges and moods more effectively and to understand and turn your unhelpful feelings and thinking patterns into a more positive energy that you can utilise in a more helpful way. 

Hypnotic Gifts, Suprises & Journeys 

Receive little hypnotic gifts or stick around for some bonus hypnotic journeys that will help you succeed in your goals faster than ever before. Bonus surprises & gifts along the way, to help you succeed - special meditations, journal books and pdf cheat sheets to support your learning journey.  

Fun Psychological Games

You will be able to have fun playing games together that will teach you more self awareness, memory and intentional control of your thoughts and interactions with others.  You will acquire useful tools and systems for organising your thoughts and mind, communication, conversation and discovering more about who you are. 

Excelling & Peak Performance 

Learn how to put yourself first, how to practice good self care and how to develop a more harmonious relationship between mind & body so that you can excel and work with yourself instead of against yourself in all areas of life. Techniques you can adapt to improve your own performance academically, in a chosen sport, hobby or within your career or motherhood. 
Find your own superpowers!! 

Communication & Relationships

Learn the art of better communication and persuasive language skills and abilities. Discover your attachment style and how to feel more love and compassion for the people in your life. Remove barriers between you and loved ones as you experience this beautiful 6 months of self growth. 

Creativity & Flow Techniques

Practice learning fun ways to switch off your conscious mind to allow your ideas and inner excellence to flow naturally, without fear of judgment.
Learn methods to get yourself into the right zone for working on projects or creative pursuits, Feel encouraged to grow and explore creativity.
You can feel relieved to leave your perfectionism at the door, because we love mistakes here at the mind gym. It´s how we all improve :)))

Mindfulness Exercises 

Momentary awareness training to give you more control over what you are experiencing in your waking state.
Learn to develop greater brain density, faster processing, better memory & focus, greater emotional control and regulation through practicing directed use of your senses, focused breathing, and many other cool techniques.
Build up your natural "Free Will" muscle and uncover your own natural ability to more carefully choose your reactions, thoughts and feelings. 

Problem Solving (Learn how to Map Read ® Your Reality)

Learn how to find and remove unconscious blocks and self defeating or self sabotaging and destructive and unhelpful behaviors. Work out how you are "doing" your problems so that you can apply just the right technique in exactly the right place, to resolve it and replace problems with solutions from your own internal resources. 

Ideal State Generation

Learn how to put yourself into the right frame of mind for doing any task in life and how to access this whenever you need it at will.

Power yourself through activities and find more enjoyment of life as you learn how to work out and fall in love with the behaviours and actions steps that will take you to your goals. 

Buddy Up With Friends For a Fun Self Growth Journey Together

Invite your own friends to join along, practice live in the workshops, or watch the replay and team up with a new friend from the mind gym, to help each other to keep going :)

You can  even organise your own extra practices throughout the week because you can easily communicate with each other through your own online community area inside the gym, where you will also receive special offers and opportunities from me, to join in future workshops, or test out my new online content and little challenges free of charge.  
Meet your mind trainer...

Pippa Jolley

Hello there :) I am Pippa, your personal mind trainer.

My goal is to to empower women and families to experience more positive transformations and to start living the life that they really want.

I am a qualified and certified practitioner of Clinical & Conversational Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, NLP, Eriksonian Hypnosis and Life Coaching.

I have some creative and unique ways to integrate these therapy modalities, with simple, easy and practical day to day strategies, fun games and techniques that I am now very excited to share here with you. (I have personally and successfully applied these skills both inside of my own home with my own family and with my personal clients, to achieve some incredible and totally life changing results.)
Each workshop is designed to show you how to implement these for yourself in your home alone, with your own partner or with your own families, so that you can mentally prepare yourself and your loved ones to enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life in our world. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
what others are saying...

Here are some kind words from previous clients

"I´m evolving into more acceptance of myself and addressing the things I need to change. It´s always a wonderful journey and she genuinely cares about me...She has many tools that she uses to help me with the problem at hand. I definitely recommend working with Pippa.. "
Zineb, Morrocco, Artist & painter
"Pippa truly opened my eyes and showed me that we can achieve and do anything that we want.  I now know that I can handle anything and with a smile on my face. I am much happier; I am confident; I am independent and I am forever grateful to Pippa..." 
Emily, UK, Economics student
"I have much more energy and now regularly exercise 3 times a week, and it´s all thanks to Pippa. I am using her daily exercises to maintain a positive mindset. These have been easy and effective to do and I have also used some of them in class with the children I teach..."
Nurjan, uk, teacher
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